Replacing the Fridge | Elfin Compact Kitchen Specialists

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Step 1.

Open the fridge door and remove the screw on the under side of pantry top.

Step 2.

Remove the four connecting screws from the upper and lower part of the base unit.

Step 3.

Subsequently the fridge can be pulled out via the front of the compact kitchen.

Step 4.

Unpack the replacement fridge.

Step 5.

Remove the four screws of the hinge plate at the top of the fridge.

Step 6.

Remove the hinge plate together with the bolts.

Step 7.

Remove the fridge door and lay the plastic pad in the hinge at the bottom.

Step 8.

Remove both screws from the bottom side of the door and take the door out of the cladding.

Step 9.

Cut off the caps on both sides of the new fridge door.

Step 10.

Lay the door in the cladding and fix it with both screws at the bottom side.

Step 11.

Plug the door in the bottom side hinge bolt.

Step 12.

Align the door straight to the front, hold the hinge plate to the fridge and replace the hinge bolts.

Step 13.

Screw hinge plate to the fridge.

Step 14.

Screw the holding bracket for the pantry top to the back of the new fridge.  Subsequently the fridge can slide in underneath the pantry top from the front.

Step 15.

Connect it from the side to the base unit with the four screws.

Step 16.

Screw in the connecting screw to the under side of the pantry top again.