Removing Your Fridge 120-150-Mos-K/T | Elfin

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M-120-Mos-K/T E-120-Mos-K/T
M-150-Mos-K/T E-150-Mos-K/T

Step 1.

Isolate the electrical supply to your Elfin Kitchen and unplug all appliances.

Step 2.

Open the fridge door and look up towards the worktop you will find 1 screw going into the worktop, remove this screw and then close the fridge door.

Step 3.

Remove the large pan drawer from the bottom of the unit

Step 4.

On the underside of the oven frame there are 2 screws going into the frame, remove them both and the frame will be released.

Step 5.

On the shelf the oven is sitting on there are fixing screws going into underside of the shelf, undo these to release the oven. You can then pull the oven out towards you

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