Removing your Elfin Kitchen Fridge 090-100-120-150-K/T | Elfin

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M-090-K/T E-090-K/T
B-100-K/T M-100-K/T E-100-K/T C-100-K/T
B-120-K/T M-120-K/T C-120-K/T
M-150-K/T E-150-K/T

Step 1.

Isolate the electrical supply to your Elfin Kitchen and unplug all appliances.

Step 2.

Open the fridge door and look up towards the worktop you will find 1 screw going into the worktop, remove this screw and then close the fridge door.

Step 3.

Open the cupboard door next to the fridge. Look upwards inside the cupboard towards the fridge, at the top you will find 2 screws and along the very bottom there is a further 2-4 screws going from the cupboard into the side of the fridge. Remove all of these screws.

Step 4.

The fridge will now pull out from the front of the unit. Please note there is a hook on the back of the fridge, when the fridge is nearly out you may have to lift it slightly at an angle for the last 100mm. (Tip: lower the front feet on the fridge to aid removal)

Should you need to replace the fridge door skin remove all screws as instructed above.
Simply pull the fridge forward 40mm to expose the door pin on the extreme edge, remove the pin using Torx 20 and lift the door off.  Turn the fridge door upside down and remove the 2 screws, gently prize and lever the skin off the door.  Reverse this procedure to replace and then reverse the instructions above to replace the fridge.

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