Fitting the Russell Hobbs Conventional 20ltr Microwave | Elfin Kitchens

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Tools required:

 Torx (star) head screwdiver

 Philips head screwdriver

Parts included:

 1 x Front filler panel

 1 x Rear microwave bracket

Step 1.

Remove the microwave (in original packaging) from the microwave cavity. 

Remove all packing and tape from the microwave cavity, you will find the brackets located at the arrowpoints.

ATTENTION: The rear microwave bracket may be attached to the microwave box check before disposal of packaging

Step 2.

Attach the front filler panel to the top lip of the microwave cavity using the central 2 screw holes, this panel is aesthetic only to cover the gap above the microwave. 

If your kitchen will be fixed in place and the plumbing is yet to be hooked up, this step is best done last.

Step 3.

Take the Rear Microwave Bracket and insert screws into the base of the bracket facing out leaving 5mm showing. These will hold the bracket in place in the cavity.

Step 4.

Using two 10mm screws, attached the bracket to the rear of the microwave as per the picture below.

Step 5.

Slide the microwave into place and the screw heads will drop into the keyholes on the kitchen shelf.

ATTENTION: If kitchen unit is already fixed to the wall ensure to plug the microwave into the wall socket before attaching.


Your microwave door may catch on the draw below. If this happens, take the following steps...

Remove the draws from the kitchen unit.

There are 5 adjustable screws on each draw, two either side and one on the base of the draw front.

Reposition the door fronts down as far as they go and tighten screws.
Re-insert the doors within the kitchen frame, these should now open and close freely.

Enjoy cooking your first meal on your Elfin Compact Kitchen!