Fitting the Russell Hobbs Combination Microwave Oven | Elfin Kitchens

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Tools required:

Philips head screwdriver

Cordless drill (optional)

Parts included:

2 x Philips screws

 1 x Combi oven bracket

Step 1.

Remove the Combi Oven, from its cavity. The Bracket will be affixed to the box

The Combi Oven is best installed depending on when you are fixing the plumbing. If the unit is to be permanently fixed and utilising inflexible plumbing then it is best to install the microwave after the plumbing has been hooked up.

IMPORTANT: Before throwing away the box remove bracket

Step 2.

Insert the two screws into the bracket, best positioning is the holes furthest from the microwave side, if the holes appear to be tight (sometimes it can help to drill these out utilising a 3.5mm drill bit)

These can be left in place or removed and re affixed later on

Step 3.

Insert the combi oven into the cavity so the oven is sitting protruded from the front of kitchen.

Remove the two screws on each lower corner from back of unit 

Step 4.

Attached the bracket using the screws.                                                                


  • Make sure to have the casing fixed behind the bracket 
  • Do not overtighten the screws as the can thread themselves


Step 5.

Insert lower screws into the shelf fixing holes and push forward into place and tighten. 

IMPORTANT: Your microwave should protrude as shown. This is to stop any chance of the combi oven rubbing on the large pan drawer

Enjoy Using your Elfin Kitchen!